Mission Statement

We deliver high quality technology and service-based solutions to our customers that are fundamental to their digital transformation goals. We are thought leaders in quality assurance across the connected world. 

Our Vision

We enable the connected world to be adaptable, secure and effectively share data to deliver an enhanced customer experience. 


Manage Rapidly Evolving Industry Needs

Digital Disruption


  • Providing suitable quality assurance for your Digital Transformation

  • Assuring quality in new development and release methodologies (DevOps)

  • Helping you monetise your digital products and services through improved and maintained quality

  • Mitigating the risks of cyber security

  • Assuring quality in emerging technologies such as IoT, cloud-based architectures and blockchain 

Advisory and Training

Looking to improve your internal team or

With our advisory and training offering we focus on strengthening your
internal organisation with expert knowledge and advice in quality assurance
and testing.

Our Advisory and Training domains include:

  • Test Process and Methodology
  • Test Products and Tooling
  • Technologies under Test 

The Importanceof Cyber Security

Why make Eurofins Cyber Security
your trusted partner in Cyber Security?

Our risk-based approach and deep
understanding of industry accepted standards,
methodologies and frameworks, are designed
to deliver maximum value and protect your
most critical business assets.


Managed Services

Our managed services will detect, respond and recover from cyber threats fast, helping you manage the challenge of all aspects of cyber security while reducing the associated costs and complexity.

Our Managed Services domain include:

  • Security Monitor (Vulnerability Management)

  • Managed Detection and Response/SIEM

  • Managed Awareness Programme

  • Domain Reputation and Abuse Monitoring 

Managed Services & Resourcing

Looking to strategically expand your


Our managed services and resources provide an ideal solution to your structural needs for quality assurance and testing, handled by an experienced partner.

Managed Services & Resourcing

  • End-to-End Service covering all QA and Testing Activities

  • Highly Experienced and Flexible Resource Pool

  • Flexibility in Location

  • Elaborate Tooling & Infrastructure 

Test Automation

Looking to integrate Test Automation into your quality processes?

Test automation increases the speed of product developments and release cycles, whilst also improving the focus of manual resources, resulting in better productivity. Above all, test automation makes sure your product or service works as expected.

Test Automation delivers:

Automated testing in development and monitoring in production
Continuous testing in integration & delivery processes
Different Levels of Test Automation; API and User Interface
Supports automated testing for functional, load & performance, stability & stress, and more 


Testlab Services and


Looking to extend your organisation’s capabilities and capacity with our test labs?

Our lab-based services provide you with great operational flexibility and will unlock our specialised testbeds, equipment and infrastructure.

Testlab Services and Infrastructure

  • Measurement equipment for validation of the electrical and protocol requirements

  • Acoustic chamber for voice activated devices

  • Compatibility assets (over 150 mobiles, over 200 televisions)

  • Dark Fibre connection

  • Video head ends

  • Automated test setups 


Looking to integrate tools in your organisation?

We offer a range of products to strategically support your development and testing activities, including a strategic selection of internally developed tools and assets. We can also integrate with or provide support on third party tools.


  • Test Automation tools: ‘testwizard’

  • Conformance and certification test tools

  • Other test execution tools

  • Unique development capabilities to develop new test tools 


Standards & Conformance

Looking to achieve certification or conform to a standard?

Our range of certification and conformance testing services will help you reach your objectives. We also have the unique capability of developing new conformance testing programmes for many industries.

Standards and Conformance:

  • Conducting conformance and certification testing, including pre-testing and representing standards organisation, regulatory bodies, governments, other industry stakeholders and organizational internal standards.

  • Developing new conformance testing programmes for your industry, inc. test specifications, tools, scripts and assets, and test procedures 


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