Energy Solutions

Ancestral know-how

marine navigation

WindPulse uses the know-how of sailing navigation in an unprecedented way to capture the kinetic energy of the wind, drawing inspiration from the best in the field of water sports.

New process

A three-blade carousel

The patented technology of the aerogenerator is based on a merry-go-round of three pairs of variable-geometry wings fixed on a mast (vertical axis) that can be modulated from 4 to 30 meters high depending on the power envisaged.

ONE SOURCE, solutions

productive energy

WindPulse works like an engine. The electricity produced makes it possible, thanks to the proximity of the ground, to be coupled at the output to several equipment:

  • A pump;
  • A compressor to produce compressed air;
  • A condenser to produce cold;
  • An electrolyser to produce hydrogen.


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