Our energy assets

WindPulse Energy Solutions

Simplicity, performance, design

WindPulse differentiates itself from other electricity production processes by offering an innovative and sustainable technology for the economy, the environment and the local fabric.

A design without nuisances, acceptable for the populations

• Silent thanks to its flexible sails;
• Integrated into the landscape;
• Customizable as a communication medium;
• Energy self-sufficient.

High performance

• The variable geometry adapts to the strength of the wind and produces green energy even when it is weak (winds above only 1m/s and up to 100km/h with the minimum surface) thanks to the flexible sails and the settings of the automaton from an anemometer which adjusts the surface, the angle and the tension of the sail;
• Up to 50% of recoverable energy (scientific demonstration in progress).

A controlled total cost

• The most advantageous technology on the market
• Easy installation of the wind turbine, delivered on site, without having to resort to major infrastructure works or requiring a building permit.
This will reduce logistical and administrative burdens; • Simplicity of maintenance which requires neither equipment nor heavy skills (training in 1 day).

Simple and controlled operation/maintenance

- WindPulse remote operating monitoring and customer alert system (eg: upcoming storm);
- Simplified intervention on the equipment (tilting mast) and design oriented for use;
- Digital operation, remotely controllable.


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